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First Name Last Name Email Phone Role Home City Home State Contest
Gold Fish [email protected] 123-456-7890 Talent Kingman Arizona DEMO Video Contest
& DEMO Video Contest & & &
Tracy Chapman [email protected] 5555555555 Talent Cleveland Ohio & DEMO Video Contest
& DEMO Video Contest
Joe Lowers [email protected] 7022059050 DEMO Video Contest & & & & & & &
Josh Funneman [email protected] 2176905756 Talent Chicago Illinois DEMO Video Contest & &
Kyle Yamada [email protected] (605)390-8656 Talent Minneapolis Minnesota DEMO Video Contest & &
Jimmy Ryan [email protected] (508)967-5809 Talent Kingston Massachusetts DEMO Video Contest &
William Krolowitz [email protected] 4145267387 Talent Milwaukee Wisconsin DEMO Video Contest & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & &
Don Langley [email protected] 2707967949 Talent Bowling Green Kentucky DEMO Video Contest & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & &
Mohamad Abbasi [email protected] 2604524286 Talent Fort Wayne Indiana DEMO Video Contest &
Jake Hovis [email protected] 303-908-9327 Talent Denver Colorado DEMO Video Contest & &
David Scott [email protected] (816) 507-2016 Talent Kansas City Missouri DEMO Video Contest & & & & & & & & &
Martin Malloy [email protected] (440) 5030876 Talent Cleveland Demo Live Contest &
Alan Hawkins [email protected] 9413215022 Talent Venice Florida DEMO Video Contest & & & & & & & & & & &
Chris Cyr [email protected] 3146294102 Talent St. Louis Missouri & DEMO Video Contest &
& & & DEMO Video Contest
Rory Gardiner [email protected] 6137977664 Talent DEMO Video Contest
Tom DeCillis [email protected] 6312911207 Talent Islip New York DEMO Video Contest
Merit Kahn [email protected] Talent Aurora CO Sunday Wildcard 2
Geo Wagner [email protected] 8285151622 Talent Asheville & & & & & & Monday Wildcard 3 & Thursday Round 2 7 & Friday Quarter Finals 2 & Saturday Semi-Finals
German Flores [email protected] Audience Los Angeles CA MONDAY & THURSDAY
Adam Johnson [email protected] Audience Virginia Beach VA MONDAY
Brandon Kuhn [email protected] Audience Glendora CA MONDAY & THURSDAY
Samantha Archuleta [email protected] Audience Fontana CA MONDAY
Ryan Archuleta [email protected] 626-940-8647 Talent San Diego MONDAY & THURSDAY
Jermaine M [email protected] Audience San Diego CA MONDAY
Emma Lucas [email protected] Audience Salem OR MONDAY
Karen Headd [email protected] Audience Las Vegas NV MONDAY
Ariel Barrett [email protected] Audience Las Vegas NV MONDAY
R S [email protected] Audience Littlefield AZ MONDAY
J W [email protected] Audience Las Vegas NV MONDAY
Chad Ralph [email protected] Audience Lake Station IN MONDAY
Ryan Headd [email protected] Audience Las Vegas NV MONDAY
Annie McTavish [email protected] Audience Las vegas WA MONDAY
Michele King [email protected] Audience Newport news VA MONDAY
Lam Van Spam [email protected] Audience San Diego CA MONDAY
JEREMY DANLEY [email protected] Judges Henderson NV MONDAY
D Stroud [email protected] Audience Henderson NV MONDAY
Kim Stroud [email protected] Audience Henderson NV MONDAY
Rocio Llanos-Foots [email protected] Audience Manville NJ MONDAY
Tiffany Connor [email protected] Audience West Valley UT MONDAY
Sam Abrego [email protected] Audience Sacramento CA MONDAY
Melissa Ralph [email protected] Audience Lake Station IN MONDAY
Natalya Parmeley [email protected] Audience Las Vegas NV MONDAY
Kolhane Grooters [email protected] Audience Huntington Beach CA MONDAY
KT —— [email protected] Audience Las Vegas NV MONDAY
Robert Tuttle [email protected] Audience Cedar city UT MONDAY
Steve North [email protected] Audience Newport News VA MONDAY
Adair Kanter [email protected] Audience Missoula MT MONDAY
David Kousgaard [email protected] Judges Omaha NE MONDAY & TUESDAY
Joe Lowers [email protected] 7022059050 Judges Pittsburgh Pennsylvania & MONDAY & THURSDAY & FRIDAY
Nicholas Macias [email protected] Audience Tucson AZ MONDAY
Brandon Bock [email protected] Audience New Bedford MA MONDAY
Jodi Keys [email protected] Audience Laguna Beach CA MONDAY
Alison Burk [email protected] Audience Atlanta NV MONDAY
Mads Smith [email protected] Audience Sacramento CA MONDAY
JEREMY DANLEY [email protected] Judges Henderson Nevada MONDAY & THURSDAY & FRIDAY
Jason Rowland [email protected] 7028831845 Judges Las Vegas Nevada & MONDAY & THURSDAY
Elias kichik [email protected] Audience Winnetka CA MONDAY & THURSDAY
Wendy Ward [email protected] Audience Reno NV MONDAY
Randall Rivera [email protected] Audience Yucaipa CA MONDAY
Natalie Ortiz [email protected] Audience 6263677137 CA MONDAY
Jennifer Rivera [email protected] Audience Yucaipa CA MONDAY
Kirk Thomas [email protected] Audience Las Vegas NV MONDAY & TUESDAY
Sydny Watkins [email protected] Audience Tucson AZ MONDAY
Lara Hill [email protected] Audience Houston TX MONDAY
Sam Archuleta [email protected] Audience Fontana CA MONDAY
Curtis Templeton [email protected] Audience North Las Vegas NV MONDAY
Ms. Mary Arla [email protected] Audience Ontario CA MONDAY & THURSDAY
B K [email protected] Audience Diamond Bar CA MONDAY & THURSDAY
Precia Toye [email protected] Audience Hollywood CA MONDAY
B K [email protected] Audience San Clemente CA MONDAY & THURSDAY
Sydney Stigerts [email protected] Audience Sacramento CA MONDAY
jennifer burdett [email protected] Audience Los Angeles CA MONDAY
Miriam Aziz [email protected] Audience Temecula CA MONDAY & THURSDAY
Katrina Schneider [email protected] Audience San Jose CA TUESDAY
William Minks [email protected] Audience SAN JOSE CA TUESDAY
Lynne Perry [email protected] Audience Curtice OH TUESDAY
Max Ziegfeld [email protected] Audience North Hollywood TUESDAY & THURSDAY
Michelle Young [email protected] Audience Buford GA TUESDAY
Zeb Balentine [email protected] Talent Dayton Tennessee TUESDAY
Jim Wiley [email protected] Audience Darrington WA TUESDAY
Michelle Balentine [email protected] Audience Benton AR TUESDAY
Reba McClendon [email protected] Audience Henderson NV TUESDAY
Tonya Johnson [email protected] Audience Cincinnati OH TUESDAY
Eric Smith [email protected] Audience Florence SC TUESDAY
Kathy Hummel [email protected] Audience Redwood CA TUESDAY
April Lee [email protected] Audience Nashville TN TUESDAY
Nicole Lucas [email protected] Audience Detroit MI TUESDAY
Zack Wisniewski [email protected] Audience Royal oak MI TUESDAY
Ricardo Silvestri [email protected] Audience Saratoga CA TUESDAY
S Joseph [email protected] Audience Chicago IL TUESDAY & FRIDAY
Katrina Audra [email protected] Audience San Jose CA TUESDAY
Bj Minks [email protected] Audience Santa clara CA TUESDAY
Ligia Oliveira [email protected] Audience San Jose CA TUESDAY
Pete Ketas [email protected] Audience Redwood City CA TUESDAY
Kimberly Hart [email protected] Audience Toledo OH TUESDAY
Josiah Shirley [email protected] Audience Bozeman MT TUESDAY
Nancy Caro-Schneider [email protected] Audience San Jose CA TUESDAY
Alisha Royster [email protected] Audience Detroit MI THURSDAY
Margie Carlson [email protected] Audience Las Vegas NV THURSDAY
Angela Wahner [email protected] Audience Springfield MO THURSDAY
Eric Wahner [email protected] Audience Springfield MO THURSDAY
Marro Azzy [email protected] Audience Temecula CA THURSDAY
Brandon Kasnick [email protected] Audience Rialto CA THURSDAY
Tommy Addy [email protected] Audience Temecula CA THURSDAY
Josh Marquez [email protected] Audience Denver CO THURSDAY
Randall Rivera [email protected] Audience Yucaipa CA THURSDAY
Sarah Pourjalali [email protected] Audience Rancho cocaine CA THURSDAY
Melissa Pacheco [email protected] Audience Valencia CA THURSDAY
Ruben Lopez [email protected] Audience Valencia CA THURSDAY
Mary Aziz [email protected] Audience Temecula CA THURSDAY
Jaime Navarro [email protected] Audience Palo Alto CA THURSDAY
Stacia Charette [email protected] Audience Henderson NV FRIDAY
Reece Dietrich [email protected] Audience Couer D Alene ID FRIDAY
Rashida Baker [email protected] Audience Fort Worth TX FRIDAY
Tom Gregorson [email protected] Audience Spotsylvania VA FRIDAY
Tip Baker [email protected] Audience Memphis TN FRIDAY
Nickita Nicholson [email protected] Audience Chicago IL FRIDAY
Michelle Johnson [email protected] Audience North las vegas NV FRIDAY
Nicholas Burton [email protected] Audience Detroit MI FRIDAY
Corecko Union [email protected] Audience Southfield MI FRIDAY
Toni Hollis [email protected] Audience Southfield MI FRIDAY
Joe Lowers [email protected] 5555555555 Talent Pittsburgh Pennsylvania & & & & & & & & & & &
Sam Kinison [email protected] 555-666-7777 Talent Yakima Washington
Richard Pryor [email protected] 555 555-5555 Talent Peoria Illinois
Don Rickles [email protected] 555 555-5555 Talent New York New York
Gilda Radner [email protected] 555 555-5555 Talent Detroit Michigan
Rodney Dangerfield [email protected] 555 555-5555 Talent Deer Park New York
Rod Reyes [email protected] Talent
Comic 2 [email protected] 1112223333 Talent Comic 2
Birungi Birungi [email protected] Talent
Andy Gunnin [email protected] 404-803-1503 Talent Peachtree City Georgia
Thomas Eskin [email protected] 9083980330 Talent Phoenix Arizona
Comic 6 [email protected] 666 666-6666 Talent
Gary Weaver [email protected] 702-349-3789 Talent Boise Idaho
Eric Oneacre [email protected] 2817726662 Talent Spring Texas
Comic 9 [email protected] Talent
Adam Dominguez [email protected] 9157301974 Talent Las Vegas
Robert Coleman [email protected] Talent Euclid Ohio
Brett Singer [email protected] (917)538-2530 Talent New York New York & &
Emmanuel T [email protected] 3174297168 Talent Indiana & & &
Molly MaGee [email protected] 2096897993 Talent Stockton
Mookie G [email protected] 4047758255 Talent Beaumont Texas
Stephen Reilly [email protected] Talent & & & DEMO Video Contest
Cheri Hardman [email protected] 2532270737 Talent Federal Way Washington
Anthony Schuman [email protected] 2533143537 Talent 2533143537
Aaron Samson [email protected] 5106799510 Talent Berkeley California
Keith Lenart [email protected] 7345168229 Talent
Dewayne White [email protected] 7035941316 Talent Woodbridge
Terrence Murphy [email protected] 2197415303 Talent Los Angeles California
Pam McGeary [email protected] Talent Occidental California
Chad Miller [email protected] Talent Gilbert AZ
Stephanie Goldklang [email protected] 3015236207 Talent New York
Comic 11 [email protected] 1112223333 Talent Comic11
Mark Christopher [email protected] (954) 756-5400 Talent Pompano Beach
Andrew Rose [email protected] Talent
Josh di Donato [email protected] 3236205581 Talent Los Angeles California
Comic 15 [email protected] Talent
Comic 1 [email protected] 1112223333 Talent Comic 1
Chazz Hawkins [email protected] Talent Sacramento CA
Dale Dymkoski [email protected] (310) 339-8374 Talent Los Angeles California & & & & & &
Jim Barnes [email protected] 760-953-9351 Talent Victorville California &
Matt Durndak [email protected] 786-423-7205 Talent Los Angeles California
AJ Foster [email protected] 6787178720 Euless
Robert Edwards [email protected] 2082060951 Talent San Bruno California
Dougie Almeida [email protected] 954-234-3680 Talent Florida & & & & & & & DEMO Video Contest &
Max Moacanin [email protected] 7608159885 Talent New York New York & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & &
Kenneth Mock [email protected] (614)260-0505 Talent Columbus
Aaron Foster [email protected] Talent Reno NV
Comic 3 [email protected] 1112223333 Talent Comic 3
Comic 4 [email protected] 1112223333 Talent Comic 4
John Mouery [email protected] 8636327592 Talent Crestview
Rocky Dhir [email protected] Talent Frisco TX
Ray Connolly [email protected] Talent Culver City CA
Tim Lucas [email protected] 6142265039 Talent Chicago Illinois
Comic 10 [email protected] 1112223333 Talent Comic10
Denise WAX [email protected] Talent Woodland Hills California
D Keith West [email protected] 7026725602 Talent LAS VEGAS
Tanner Tuttle [email protected] Talent
Jessica Harding [email protected] Talent Sacramento CA
Pap Kebe [email protected] 3476471857 Talent Brooklyn New York
Comic 5 [email protected] 1112223333 Talent
Andrea Vahl [email protected] Talent Louisville Colorado
Kyle Ruff [email protected] Talent Steamboat Springs CO
Hunter Lloyd [email protected] (406)570-7916 Talent Bozeman
Comic 8 [email protected] 5555555555 Talent
ELYSSA PHILLIPS [email protected] 5169673684 Talent Los Angeles
Rick Gene [email protected] 9514911402 Talent San Diego California & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & &
Phil Parker [email protected] 2173699855 Talent Manhattan New York
Ira Summer [email protected] 5104596617 Talent Oakland California & &
Mike Charette [email protected] 8633077461 Talent Henderson