ZippyVote is a web-based application that allows your audience to vote on talent. Talent could be comedians, singers, magicians, cooks, plate of foods, BBQs, chili cookoffs, horses or other livestock, cars, science projects, the list goes on and on. If it can be judged, ZippyVote is for you.





Car Shows


Science Fairs



If it can be judged, we can score it!


See how it works with your audience members, online voters and your customers.

Why ZippyVote Works

Easy Setup

In minutes, you can have your contest set up and ready for voting!

Everyone Can Vote

Audience members join on their mobile devices.

Panel of Judges

You can have Judges scoring, Audience scoring, or both. You decide.

Instant Voting Results

No counting and recounting paper ballots! Plus no more printing.

No Installs

Works in any browser: No app installs or downloads required.

Fully Scalable

We support tens of thousands of active voters.

ZippyVote can be used as a comment card

No more paying for printing, paying for pens, paying for someone to try and read the person's email address and no more waiting to contact them until their information is entered into your computer. You will get feedback instantly and you can send offers immediately. As soon as your customer submits their comment card, you will have their information and they will have an email from you inviting them back.

Our Story

They say necessity is the Mother of Invention… and that is the case with ZippyVote. The site was created 100% out of need: the owner of ZippyVote, Joe Lowers, needed a way to speed up audience voting for special Contests. Joe is a standup comic who has been performing professionally for the past 26 years. He had his own headline show in Las Vegas for 10 years and while doing that he created The World Series of Comedy, which is now in its 11th season. The World Series of Comedy is one of the largest comedy festivals in the USA...

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