What is ZippyVote?

ZippyVote is a web-based application that allows your audience to vote on talent. Talent could be comedians, singers, magicians, cooks, plates of food, BBQs, chili cookoffs, horses or other livestock, cars, science projects, the list goes on and on. If it can be judged, ZippyVote is for you.

You can create custom categories and scoring systems for each contest. Your audience votes right on their mobile device or desktop. There is nothing to download or install. Interested in using ZippyVote for your next event? Sign up and start voting!


How does ZippyVote work?

ZippyVote is a web-based service that allows you to quickly create contests accessible for voting on desktop and mobile devices.

You create a contest where your voters rate items or competitors by assigning a rating to one or more categories. Your rating system could be five-stars or a rating of 1-10, you decide what works best.

ZippyVote will calculate the winners and rank them for you. No more counting ballots, scorecards, or hands.


What are the technology requirements to use ZippyVote?

A modern smartphone with a touchscreen (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone), a modern tablet (iPad, Android, Blackberry, Surface), or a desktop/laptop with a modern browser that supports the latest web standards like the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 10+. Old and outdated browsers are not supported by ZippyVote and should not be used.


Do you keep my votes?

Once the contest or event is over, your votes are no longer stored in our system.


Does the producer of the event have to pay to use ZippyVote?

ZippyVote offers a free plan. We know the free plan will not cover most contests. The free plan is designed to let you see and feel how ZippyVote can work for you. We have three more ZippyVote packages to choose from. One of our packages will meet the needs of any contest.


Do the people voting have to pay to use ZippyVote?

No. It is always free for your audience members, attendees, customers, and participants to log in and vote. They will have to sign in using their email.


Does talent have to pay to use ZippyVote?

No. They will be able to respond to your link, set up a profile, and be added to your talent list for free.


Do I have to download anything?

No. ZippyVote is a web-based application built using HTML5 technologies. Simply provide the ZippyVote website to your voters or customers to log in and start using.


Do I have to register to vote?

Yes. ZippyVote was created to be fair. We want the producer of any contest to 100% feel like they got the right winner. Everyone voting on ZippyVote has to be a real person. Registering to vote ensures the people voting are who they say they are.


How do you ensure people don’t vote more than once?

The producer has the ability to delete any votes from the system. If voting only one time is what the producer would like, or multiple votes are welcome, they can control what votes get counted.


Will you disclose how many people voted?

Voting results are provided only to the producer. It is up to the producer to decide if they want to share the data.


What is your refund policy?

Refunds will be given in the unlikely event a contest was not available due to an outage in the ZippyVote service. Refunds will not be given due to a misconfiguration of a ZippyVote contest.


Can I export my results?

Yes. Producers have the option to export the contest results in CSV format from the Zippy Pro, Zippy Max and Zippy Video programs.


Can I have different talent in each category in a ranking contest?

Voting contests are set up to allow you to compare the same list of talent across multiple categories and calculate an overall score across all categories. As such, the talent in each category must be the same. If you need to score a different list of talent in each category you will need to create two separate events. This will allow your voters to navigate between the two events and score accordingly.