January 18
Steve North
Marilyn Monrovia is a stand-up comedienne/actress. This woman was destined to leave her small Midwestern town and so something with her life. Marilyn was born in Emporia, Kansas("halfway to everywhere"). Emporia is the exact halfway point from all the north/south and east/west borders of the U.S. Her singing career started in the third grade when she was accepted into The Texas Girls Choir. She attended high school in Aspen. When Freytag and a crew was in town doing a piece called "The Women of Aspen" in 1983, they saw Marilyn hitchhiking by the side of the road in the winter. They were so awestruck by her they drove their car two blocks in reverse to go back and ask her to be part of the pictorial. Marilyn developed quite a following shining boots in Texas. Soon she subleased ten stands in western dance halls throughout Dallas and grew to 200 employees in three years' time. She soon married after to her husband in the hotel business where they had Sheraton franchises and a dinner theater named after Doc Severinsen's in OK City. Back in the 80's one of her autos was a DeLorean. Marilyn went on to study dance at the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Dance Academy and competed in The Mrs.Oklahoma Pageant. She was on a dance team, "The Tulsettes". She auditioned to be a pro football cheerleader with the Cowboys 4 times, and The Broncos twice. Then there was Rams, Raiders and the 49ers- she retired at 26 from auditioning, (except that one time when she went out for LA-KISS indoor football team). Somehow she slipped into that audition at forty-nine years old. Today, the highlight of her acting career is still playing opposite Gene Simmons in the film Extract: But back in 1988, the NFL teams never hired her. Her consolation was that she took herself on a Stadium Tour with the rock band Scorpions. Marilyn became a mobile vendor and sold removable tattoos to the patrons on the road. Other early fun jobs she modeled and booked print jobs for Nike Sports, Obermeyer Ski Apparel, and Saks Fifth Avenue, to name a few. Her first acting gig was in Colorado when she booked her farm truck on "Walker Texas Ranger" and fell in love with filming. Her dream was to come to California and marry a rock-star, whom she had loved many years, well, okay it was a roadie that worked for Motley Crue. So in '95 she moved to Monrovia and began working as an extra whenever she could and has appeared in over 600 television and film productions, to date...Once she arrived in LA. she thought it would motivate her to get her SAG card if she located her shoeshine business in the foyer of Marie Callender's restaurant, right next door to the Screen Actor's Guild headquarters on Wilshire Boulevard. After a year's time, that did not work out so well. That stunt may have even backfired on her. Marilyn may have gained some weight but she also developed an uncanny knowledge of Calendar's delicious pies. CBS has forked over half a million dollars to her in free prizes as her backup plan truly did the workout. She studied game shows and after cartwheeling her way into the Drew Carey hosted TPIR she got her Sag card the next week on Andy Fickman's new Race to Witch Mountain by being booked as a western dancer. Hobbies include hiking with her son with Boy Scouting, taking her famous dog, "Peanut Luckydog" for a ride in her motorcycle sidecar and driving antique autos in local parades