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Add Judging Panel, Categories & Scoring Scale

Each Event will have it's own unique Judge Code. Audience members will not need your judge code. You should keep this code private and only give to people that you like to have judge your event. Judges will be asked for the code when they log and set up a judging profile. If they have set up an Audience, Talent or Promoter profile in the past, they will need to use a different email to set up a Judge profile.

You are able to have both a panel of judges and your audience score. Judges can score on different categories such as Stage Presence and Originality. You can also select to have your audience score using the categories. Or, your audience can just score on scale from 1 to 5. If you plan to have just your audience score, then skip this step.

Set Audience Scoring & Audience Rating Scale Type

Audience Score Type

Rating Type

Set up follow up email to voters

Set up an email to go out to your voters as soon as someone submits their vote. Send offers to come back, store, social media, and sponsor links, the information sharing possibilities are endless! Add graphics to spice up your email, like your logo, sponsor logos, and coupons. We have found the online image host and image sharing community, Imgur, to be a great place to store your graphics, giving you easy links you can copy and use to embed your graphics in your email.

Add talent to your Contest

Add Talent to Contest

The list of talent to the right is the order your voters will see them. You can manually drag and drop them into the order you want, or, you can click the randomize talent order button.

Talent List

Contest Talent Information

Before you can add talent to your contest, you must first add them to your Main Talent List. Removing talent from a contest will not remove them from your Main Talent List, but deleting talent from your Main Talent List will remove them from your contest.

If you add a talent then remove that talent then decide you want to add that talent back into the line up you will need to save the contest first before that talent will reappear in your talent list.

Main Talent List Information

To find out more information on your Main Talent List, click the blue button below. Watch your talent list grow with each contest you run. Having the Main Talent List makes it easy for you to add talent to your list and contact them about upcoming contests.

Main Talent List

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