March 25
Colorado Springs
Derek Knight is a big, goofy bastard from Colorado Springs, CO who enjoys classy cocktails but absolutely abhors walks on the beach of any distance at any time of day. Derek has one kid, one ex-wife, one car, both thumbs and has worked as a radio DJ, hockey public address announcer, improvisor, magician, gadfly, raconteur, man-about-town, hockey goalie, video editor, illustrator, shiftless layabout, and graphic artist so this whole “standup comedy” thing is quite the welcome respite from real life. Derek has performed at satellites and the main event with the World Series of Comedy, at The Antelope Valley Comedy Festival, at The Idaho Laugh Festival, and probably at other places worth mentioning for sure. Derek produces a not-so-regularly-posted podcast called “The Big Program” and enjoys collecting mugs from and slowly destroying his liver at tiki bars all across the country.